Thursday, November 25, 2010

Warmth and Togetherness

First off, I'd like to thank the readers. Yes, I know there are only two of them at the moment (that I know of). If you are reading and haven't subscribed, I would feel warmer inside if you did. Thanks.

Today is the wonderful holiday of Thanksgiving. What does this have to do with gaming? Well, I typically spend Thanksgiving at my sister's house. Her husband has a Super Nintendo and a wonderful gem called Tetris Attack. As the title suggests, it plays like Tetris. However, like other games that are like Tetris, it differentiates itself from its parent title. I won't go into the mechanics, but they aren't terribly complicated at their core. Thus, fun times can be had by all.

It's just one of those games. The sort of fun that brings folks closer together. Even though I don't always like my family, I can still play a little Tetris Attack with them.

Games are great for bonding. Play games with your friends and family. Don't play online all of the time; get together and play side-by-side as God intended. You may find that the spirit of Thanksgiving (that of warmth and togetherness) can be found any time of the year.

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