Friday, December 2, 2011

Super Mario 3D Land: My Newest Adventure in the Mushroom Kingdom

I much like my dear turd Timo recently purchased a 3DS. Unlike him though I bought the red Super Mario 3D Land bundle and not the Zelda Ocarina of Time Bundle. The following is my short review of the game.

It was pretty good. I mean it is Mario. It doesn't reinvent the wheel because it doesn't need to. It certainly isn't the best Mario game ever made (see Mario Bros. 3) but it isn't the worst either (see Mario 2 Japanese version).

-Tanuki suit is back and despite its lack of real flight capabilities it is still awesome.
-Graphics and Music are great, especially for a handheld. Seeing as this is my first 3DS game I was impressed.
-Good level design with some fun throw backs to classic Mario Games/

-TOO EASY. Veteran Mario players will have no problem besting this game. It took me about 4 or 5 days to beat the game as both Mario and Luigi, get every star coin, and hit the top of the flag pole on every level.

The ease of the game could ruin it for some people but it didn't really bother me. I don't expect extreme difficulty from Mario. It is a game that is probably best suited for a first time Mario player or a younger kid, but I still think most Mario fans would enjoy it. I'd say at least pick it up used in a couple months or so if you don't feel like paying full price for such a short game.