Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sorry For The Silence

Hey I know we haven't been posting on here lately. This is mostly due to the fact that it is the summer and we like to chillax during the summer. Understand just how lazy we are that writing our insignificant thoughts about our primary interests is too much work for us.

Sadly, this post is not me getting back to writing, it is me saying that I will be getting back to writing for this blog sometime in the near future (once I get back to school where I actually have the internet). This post is just me updating all 5 of you about what journeys in the world of gaming I have taken this summer, and thus let you know what topics you could potentially be reading about in the near future.

My First (nonpokemon)RPG: Chrono Trigger
I have never given RPGs a chance. I only ever played one final fantasy game on a playstation demo disc as a kid, and thought it was boring. This lead to me abstaining from the genre. This changed when the collector in me couldn't help but purchase Chrono Trigger at a used game store. I played it, I loved it, I'll write more about it on another day.

As a kid I never played any of the Zelda games, and as a collector of games I have acquired a lot of them. Last summer I decided to change this first fact and play through them all in the order that I would have had I had a chance to play them when they were released. I am currently on Ocarina of Time, or as it is more commonly called TEH GREATEST GAME EVAR MADE!!1!11!!!!! I will most likely write about my feelings on all the games I have played so far once I finish OoT.

My other time spent gaming has largely been in the norm for me, so whatever else I write about will have to come as a surprise. I'll update you adoring fans soon.