Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sound Test 1

I had no ideas for an update this week, and my compatriots in blogging are no doubt busy with their respective lives; thus, I find myself with a dilemma. Should I skip updating this week? No. I'll just invent a low-effort monthly segment.

I call it Sound Test.

In this segment I would like to call attention to the vast selection of fine music that can be found in video games. I myself am a musician (as are my fellow writers here), so I naturally find myself obsessing over game soundtracks. Video games have been around long enough for several instantly recognizable tunes to emerge (the Mario theme comes to mind the most quickly). However, too often people forget equally great songs from other games. Whether it is because the game is lesser known, or because the song is played only in obscure areas or moments in the game.

Today, let's listen to the game corner theme from Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal. It is easily the catchiest game corner them from the series and conveys its own mood and atmosphere. It has both a driving beat and bass line; the melody is pretty slick too. I would almost describe the entire song as slick, but that doesn't quite do it justice. Sleazy. That is the word that I use to describe it. This song musically portrays the oily filthiness of casinos and used-car salesmen in a way that no other song can. It takes the player to the seedy underbelly of Goldenrod City: behind the plated, plastered veneer of that great city lurks a gaming hall (and slave market) where desperation and greed thrive. The environment provides a striking contrast to the overworld of Pokemon where values like friendship and kindness are most pervasive.

With that in mind, enjoy this wonderful piece of music.

Also have a snazzy piano rendition. (it's a tad sloppy, but that can be forgiven due to the difficulty of the piece)

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  1. Nice choice; ever heard the remix by PokeRemixStudio? Easily my favorite ambient piece from Pokemon. Slick, sleazy, oily filthiness...perfection. Way to hit it on the head!