Monday, January 24, 2011

102 syllables on Nes

As I sat in class.
I wrote NES haiku.
They are crap. Enjoy.

The Problem

Push in. Push down. Push power
Blue flashing screen. S%!T!

My Oldest Enemies
Shadow Spark Magnet
Hard Top Gemini Needle
Snake Wiley Gamma

Crusty old Dpad.
Dirty scratched cracked grey plastic.
B button won’t work.

The Code

Big captial C.
Right Left Down Up A B Start.
Ten lives left to lose.

Do Not.
Get the cartridge wet.
Store in extreme temperatures.
Clean with alcohol.

The Solution
Pull out. Blow in cart.
Push in. Pull out. Blow in cart.
Push in. Yes! Success!

Sorry to SuperTylerRPG I know the crappy nature of these Haiku will offend you as a poet. I am also aware that Haiku do not really have to be 17 syllables and that that is just a misconception. I like them that way so don't be a cock.


  1. lol, these are fun. However, for the solution, you forgot "the jiggle" (it's ok because most people do).

  2. Damn. Had you pointed this out before I would have completely changed the direction of the solution. I only had 2 solution ideas so I just expanded off of blowing in the cart and tried to give it a good rhythm rather than have it mention all the tricks. I knew I was missing something.